Why Albanian College?

AC gives students a world-class, comprehensive education from Early Years 1 (3 years old) through Grade 12.

Why Albanian College?

  • International Teaching Staff

    Our staff is international and highly qualified, trained, and experienced. Most of the staff is from the United States and we also have teachers from United Kingdom, Canada, France, Belgium, South Korea, Singapore, Spain, and Australia.

  • All subjects are taught in English

    All subjects except Albanian Language, Albanian Language and Literature, Albanian Acquisition, and Albanian Literature are taught in English by international staff.

  • Professional Teaching Materials

    All teaching materials are from the US, United Kingdom, Australia, France,  and more.

  • Education begins at age 3

    Education begins at age 3, not age 6 as in most schools, so that students progress faster and are more capable by the time they arrive in Grade 1.

  • Research-Based Teaching and Learning

    We follow research-based, internationally recognised models of teaching and learning which emphasise the interconnectedness of subjects and skills. This makes learning easier, more enjoyable and meaningful.

  • 40 lesson per week & 180 days of school

    In Grades 6 to 12, we have 40 instructional lessons per week and 180 days of school, far more than required by the Ministry of Education.

  • Holistic Education

    We offer a College that is committed to the development of each student as a whole person, their human relationships and their place within the community and the wider world.

  • After School Activities

    We offer a large range of after-school activities to enrich our students’ learning and skills such as:

    Sport, Model United Nations, Gardening, Taekwondo and more...

  • A different Approach to teaching and learning

    Inquiry is at the heart of our teaching and learning and this requires appropriate knowledge and use of technology and also a substantial, useful library.  We encourage students to think, create, and question.

  • Community Service

    Students are required to be involved in community service which develops skills, compassion and makes them more attractive to universities abroad that reward community service work with scholarships and university entrance.

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