School Mission

The Mission of Albanian College  is to create a positive, holistic, inquiry-based learning environment that embraces the uniqueness and attributes of each member of the school community. Each student will be empowered with the ability and desire to be a knowledgeable, responsible and internationally-minded citizen.


Albanian College aims to develop young people who are intelligent, creative, compassionate and forthright, who have ownership of their learning and demonstrate leadership. The school aims to transform teaching and learning in Albania.


Albanian College is committed to the development of each student as a whole person, their human relationships and their place within the community and the wider world.

To further this goal, Albanian College aims to educate students:

  • to value each person's identity
  • to take charge of their own life-long learning processes
  • to use their creativity to inquire, explore and innovate
  • to be willing and able to collaborate with others, including in a leading role
  • to recognise their responsibility towards themselves, others and the environment