• Board of Governors

    Albanian College is governed by a Board of Governors. The Chair of the Board is Kay Mongardi. There are four other members: Dr.Marc Abrioux, Hana Kanan, Chris Müller, and Andrew Watson. The Board is consulted regarding major decisions, annual budgets, and the hiring of administration. The Board aims to meet 2 times per year and the Executive Director represents them in the school. The Governors are supported in their work by the Board of Trustees that financially supports the school. The Trustees are represented by the Senior Manager who works closely with the Executive Director.

    Andy Dailey is the Executive Director of Albanian College and is accountable to the Board of Governors. As Executive Director over all Albanian College campuses, Andy Dailey is responsible for approval of budgets, the hiring and appointing of all staff, the updating and enforcement of policies, ordering and maintaining teaching and learning materials, construction, marketing and helping develop and implement strategic planning of the colleges.

    Ervin Shehu is the Senior Manager who represents the Board of Trustees at Albanian College on a daily basis. He works closely with the Executive Director, Andy Dailey, to ensure funding of strategic initiatives and serves as the liaison between the Albanian Ministry of Education and Albanian College. He is often delegated the responsibility of hiring local staff.

Andy DaileyExecutive Director
Ervin ShehuSenior Manager
Kay MongardiChairman of the Board of Governors
Dr.Marc AbriouxBoard Member
Dr. Hana KananBoard Member
Dr. Chris MüllerBoard Member
Andrew WatsonBoard Member